geometric modelling (2)

interim grading

your interim grading can be found in the grading sheet.

exercises for practice lessons

  • english version, slovenská verzia
    please, print them out
    IMPORTANT: the exercise assignments were modified (there were some errors, especially in the part regarding the Coons patches).

written assignments

  • homework nr. 1: (EN), (SK) - due on 29.03.
  • homework nr. 2: (EN), (SK) - due on 19.04.
  • homework nr. 3: (EN), (SK) - due on 10.05.
  • homework nr. 4: (EN), (SK) - due on 22.05.

coding assignments

course materials and references


  • attendance is neither mandatory nor graded
  • you can obtain more than 120pts (min. 60pts from homeworks and final and 60pts for coding assignments will be available).
  • you need to gain min. 40pts, with min. 10pts from a single coding assignment (of your choice) and min. 10pts from the final test. If you fail in fullfilling either of the two conditions, you fail the entire class.
  • your grading (resp. %) from the exercises is a basis for your final grading
  • proven cheating is penalized by failing the entire class. Even if only a part of the assignment is copied (from another student or previous courses), it is consired cheating. According to the faculty rules, cheating is the subject of the disciplinary process.
  • consultations upon email agreement. Please always use prefix "GM2" in all of your emails' subjects. Thank you.