Pavol Fabo @ FMPH UNIBA

4 students

Užívateľ vs. Používateľ


2011 - 2012

Gestural interaction, Skeletal animation, Natural user interface

2010 - 2011

Multitouch interaction, Human computer interaction, Usability, Automated usability methods, Eyetracking
  • Fabo, Pavol and Ďurikovič, Roman. Automated usability measurement of arbitrary desktop application with eyetracking, IV 2012, paper
  • Gruľa, Matej and Fabo, Pavol and Ďurikovič, Roman. Multi-touch display using FTIR and GPU processing, SCCG 2011, poster, paper

2009 - 2010

Multitouch interaction, Haptic interaction, Human computer interaction
  • Fabo, Pavol and Ďurikovič, Roman and Nishita, Tomoyuki. Multi-touch display using combination of FTIR and HD LCD, HC 2010, paper
  • Fabo, Pavol and Dziuban, Vladimír. Concept of haptic device for user interface navigation and guidance, ŠVK 2010 poster, paper


Information visualization
  • Fabo, Pavol and Novotný, Matej. Three-level Visualization of Internet Discussion with Extruded Word Clouds, IV 2012, paper