Conference Topics

The conference attempts to communicate research results in the field of computer graphics and its applications. Possible topics include (but are not limited to):


  • Photo-realistic computer graphics, global illumination, advanced lighting
  • Illustrative graphics, non-photorealistic techniques
  • Real-time rendering, high-performance graphics
  • Graphics hardware and hardware-related techniques (GPU)

Modeling and animation

  • Geometric modeling
  • Physically based modeling, natural phenomena
  • Animation for computer games
  • Simulation for computer graphics and games

Images, processing and vision

  • Image-based computer graphics
  • Computational photography
  • 3D reconstruction, shape analysis
  • Performance capture, appearance capture


  • Information visualization
  • Scientific visualization
  • Visual analytics


  • Advanced interaction (haptic, sketch-based interfaces)
  • User interfaces, human-computer interaction
  • Virtual environments, virtual and mixed reality
  • Computer graphics for small and large displays


  • Algorithms and design tools for digital fabrication
  • Interactive techniques with fabricated objects
  • Multi-material fabrication